When you think of an airport and driving, chaos may come to mind. Where to park, where not to park, etc., can be time-consuming and may jeopardize you leaving on your flight in time.


Did you know that there are easier ways to deal with parking at the airport? This includes discount parking.  Check out these awesome airport parking hacks as found on Airport Parking Helper that will benefit you prior to boarding a plane.


1. Believe it or not, there are cheaper rates at off-site airport parking lots.


2. Look for hotels that offer free parking packages. This cuts down on additional costs that only cause headaches depending on your length of stay and per night parking. This adds up quickly.


3. If you aren't really wanting to park at the airport, consider getting a shuttle to pick you up and take you back to the airport. You can also save money this way and makes your travel experience less stressful.


4. If parking at the airport is a must, search for airport discount parking on local deal sites. You can usually find deals like this through Groupon and other relevant sites.


5. Consider reserving two one-way car rentals. This option costs much less. You drive a rental car to the airport and then return it before boarding your flight! You can repeat this process in reverse as well. Definitely something to think about!


How can you actually score on inexpensive airport parking spaces? Be sure to book in advance. Location is of utmost importance. You can usually find free shuttle services as the closer you park the more expensive it is. Consider looking for spaces in nearby parking lots or nearby hotels. This alone is a money-saver. If you aren't sure, do your research and compare prices before making your decision.