How to Keep Your Cat Off the Car

Few family pets are as sneaky as a cat. Quietly disappearing into small spaces only to lunge at your ankles when you least expect it, cats are known for getting into things they're not supposed to. Or, onto things, as in on top of your car! Protecting a vehicle from the wrath of cat claws is a must for any pet owner, and following these tips will help:

  • If possible, simply separate the cat from the car. Keep the garage door closed to prevent Whiskers from making a bed on the hood!
  • Cats aren't fans of spice, so sprinkling some cayenne pepper around the perimeter of your car can prevent cats from hopping up.
  • Also not a fan of the smell of mothballs, cats will avoid them at all costs. Position mothballs around the car as with the pepper and consider placing some on the roof or hood as well.
  • Use an alarm system. Everything from high-pitch noises only animals can hear to low static sounds, there are different types of preventative systems that are effective.
  • If your vehicle is parked outside or roadside, consider purchasing a car cover. The upfront cost is worth the added benefits, including keeping jumping kitties off the paint!
  • Retailers sell repellent sprays intended to deter curious cats from getting into garbage cans, curtains, and other forbidden places. Just make sure to buy the spray that's for outdoor use if that's where your car is!