Best Podcasts for Your Work Commute

Bumper to bumper traffic, racing against the clock, construction (again!)-so many factors impact our drive to and from work. It's no wonder road rage is a thing and countless negative connotations are attached to the word "commute." Have no fear, though, the power of laughter will get you through! Plug in your smart phone and let these Rolling Stone touted comedy podcasts ease the headache that is your commute!

A hilarious sci-fi perspective of today's hipsters and economy, Bubble doesn't feel like a normal monsters vs humans struggle. With its quick wit and relatable characters, this series is much more realistic than you'd expect!

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend
After spending almost three decades interviewing and spotlighting celebrities across the globe, O'Brien realizes he's never truly befriended any of them. That's the premise of his perfectly simple and simply hysterical podcast. He "test-drives" these celebrities in search of his new BFF. 

Hollywood Handbook: The Pro Version
If you find yourself rolling your eyes at the absolute absurdity of the entertainment industry, you'll appreciate this tongue-in-cheek satire. Two non-celebrities offer actual celebrities career advice in this sidesplitting podcast. 

Raised by TV
Seemingly natural conversations about their childhood television shows may have listeners underestimating the comedic talents of hosts Lauren Lapkus and Jon Gabrus. But that's just how these professionals pull you in: sit right down and join in, you're now part of a laugh-so-hard-it-hurts improv experience! 

A Very Fatal Murder
This is an Onion podcast-need I say more! Prepare yourself for a scripted comedy that parodies all those "true crime" shows everyone's obsessed with. If the title doesn't already prove it, this podcase pokes fun at the whole genre, focusing on its "tried and true" traits like our culture's totally inappropriate fascination with violence. 

Yeah, But Still
Hosts Brandon Wardell and Jack Wagner contribute their brand of humor to Funny or Die and have used their talents to create a sincerely chill podcast. They essentially chat up celebrities and while certainly entertaining and funny, it's so real you feel like you're sitting right beside them immersed in casual conversation.